Our firm is completely virtual, with each member of the team spending their time either working from their home or spending time with our clients in their prototype shops, factories, and conference rooms. By operating our firm totally virtually, we can keep our overhead very low, which allows us to offer competitive rates in exchange for the services of experienced attorneys. We also take great pride in both a positive work/life balance as well as being active members in our local community.

We will always provide a free initial consultation to help review the various issues that a potential client may be dealing with, identify one or more strategies for moving forward, and prepare the client with accurate expectations of timing and cost. It is difficult to predict the potential cost of legal work with exact precision, but our clients need to budget, and to do this they must be able to rely on accurate information from their counselors. We will always do our best to approximate potential fees for our clients before engaging in any matter.

Our firm is genuinely passionate about helping our clients succeed, and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to work every day to protect the inventions, music, books, photographs, trademarks, and software of some very creative and talented people. Please contact us today and let our team of experienced professionals protect your valuable creations as well.